Sunday, January 9, 2011

Look what I’ve got - Zobacz co mam

Marek Krajewski in English!

I cannot wait to get started.

Thank you Misiu!

Marek Krajewski po angielsku!

Nie mogę doczekać się, aby zacząć.

Dzięki Misiu!


Chris said...

It looks like I will have to wait a while to get started. Misiu started before me, but at least I will have all the street names (in German) figured our for me :)

Chris said...

figured out, of course

kasia.eire said...

muszę powiedzieć córce, bo jej chlopak jest Irlandczykiem i chętnie czyta nasze powieści, jak tylko ukazują się w j.ang
Czy tu się powinno komentować w języku angielskim? Nie wiem.

kasia.eire said...

Do you prefer comments in Enlish or in Polish? Just wanted to say that my daughter would be happy to here about this book being translated because her boyfriend, or should I say partner, after them being 4 years together? - reads everything Polish that is edited in English. I don't know if it's that good or he loves her so much :-)

kasia.eire said...

would be happy to hear of course, my mistake, the only excuse is late hour

Chris said...

Hi kasia.eire. Witam! Może być po polsku i po angielsku bez problemu.

At empik there are 3 of Krajewski's books translated to English. Yesterday we got the Polish original because Misiu wants to check the traslation. I have also read Lalka in English and I was given Pan Tadeusz in English but never got past page one. I think you could understand's difficult to read! Lem, of course, is available and I have read some but I am not a huge science fiction fan. What else? There are a lot of Polish poets translated to English. I will keep my eyes open for more and bravo to your daughter's boyfriend :)

Anonymous said...

hi, thinking of buying Krajewski in English. How would you rate the translation? (i am Polish btw, by my wife isn't)

Chris said...

Hi Anon- I rate the translation as satisfactory to good. When I first started to read my first Krajewski in English, I thought the translation was poor. The sentences were awkward and the whole feel was "off" for me. Then I started to read the same book in Polish and found that the English version was spot on. Having said that, there are some passages that I was able to translate back to Polish - the English passage was so similar in structure to the Polish original.

Your wife liking the books is another story. I hope that she will. Despite all my initial enthusiasm, these books are not for me. I read to the end but for me the most interesting parts were the descriptions of Breslau which I checked as best as I could via

I wish your wife luck and let me know what she thinks :)