Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Something Odd?

Should I be concerned that recently a large percentage of referring URLs and referring sites are coming from a site that is definitely "for adults only"? I find that odd. Any thoughts?


MarekFloryda said...

I think this may be related to "kielbasa" which is similar in shape to parówka and you know what parówka is :)

AnetaCuse said...

I second Marek's opinion (first thing that came to mind after I read this post).

Chris said...

Tell the truth, Marek, that's how you found Kielbasa Stories, isn't it ;)

Before naming my blog, I also checked if there was already some "content" using the same name. Luckily, there wasn't.

I'm used to folks finding K.S. through some pretty strange search phrases (often involving the word kielbasa and other specifics...)but this involves one site only as a referring site. Strange.

Chris said...

Ok, while my stats appreciate the traffic, this is ridiculous. All I can figure it that someone linked me to this site or that their profile picture on this site is taken from here and linked us somehow.

MarekFloryda said...

98% of all internet traffic is porn related so I so not think you should be worried. How is your car? Did it get fixed already?

Chris said...

What?! Only 98%? Now that I have checked into it, I found that it is spam. My site is not linked in any visible way (to users) to their site, so I am not worried. It only skews your stats.

Both cars are fixed, thanks for asking. The little car is fixed and running. We decided not to order one part (wiper mechanism for $166) because the wipers do in fact still work...but only on high speed :) These will probably be the last repairs on this car. The next time it breaks down, we will probably get rid of it...sniffle, sniffle, it was the first car I bought myself with my own money.

The Jeep is fixed and running too (all except for 2 parts). We had to wait for the 2nd visit of the agent which took forever...but when he did show up, he turned out to be handsome and spoke English with a nice Scottish accent :)

We had sunny skies today but we are expecting temps below zero this weekend and snow. Marek, you don't ever have to regret your move to sunny Florida. You have me to remind you of that!

Chris said...

Ok, so all weird connections from adult sites have ended, so that is a relief.

And the insurance agent reported back with a fantanstic settlement of 125 PLN for a part which costs more than 1200 PLN. Not nice, handsome agent with Scottish accent. We will be meeting again!