Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Rosie

April is a month of birthdays for us. Last week was Rosie’s 3rd birthday. This week is my father-in-law’s 70th and next week is Lizzie’s 5th. With a niece’s and nephew’s birthday this month, that adds up to a lot of cake ;)

Rosie’s party went off without a hitch. Well, maybe one small hitch…she didn’t understand that the presents were for her. After the guests had gone, she asked why they hadn’t taken the toys with them. Sweet.

I am proud of the cake I made. It’s a ladybug, in case you are not sure. There are 3 layers of chocolate inside. Pycha!

Ladybug cake Biedronka

Lizzie’s English group at Pre-school (yes, we send her to English lessons, it’s only 20 złoty a month) also celebrated some birthdays and the kids learned to sing “Happy Birthday”. Lizzie, however, had one small problem with “Happy Birthday” and quickly informed her teacher.

She said, “Teacher, it isn’t Misiu-day. It’s Birthday.”

Do you get it? I didn’t at first.

For those of you who don’t get it…

In Polish there isn’t the “th” sound like in the word “birth”. For people who have trouble with this sound, they replace it with “f” or “t” or sometimes “s” as one of my students famous for his “sank you”. In this case, Lizzie’s teacher replaces “th” with “s” making birthday into birsday which sounds like bearsday. Bear is misiu in Polish, hence my daughter’s conclusion that the teacher was talking about Misiu-day.

If you have an April birthday, Happy Misiu-day to you!


Bee said...

Happy Birthday, girls!

If I got a cute cake like this one it would not matter if it's my Birthday or a Misiu-day :-)

ucieczka said...

Happy Birthday to you all ;)) And the cake is fabulous ;)

Kasia said...


Misiu-day! You can only come up with something like that if you're bilingual :)

Chris said...

Thanks all. Next, I have to make a superhero cake. I'm not sure how yet, but I've still got 5 days to figure it out :)

papageno said...

The biggest advantage of being a native speaker of English is the ability to pronounce "th" correctly :)

I see that you've updated the cast's age, well at least for the younger part of the cast ;)

Happy Misiu-day to you all!

Paddy said...

Yum - save me a slice! Paddy