Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bills, Bills, Bills

Oh how good it is to be mortgage-free. It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel so light and free…until the next mortgage ;)

My general attitude to my previous mortgage was to ignore it, especially the exchange rate. I was much happier that way. You see, my mortgage was in Euro and I earn in PLN. In the future, I plan to borrow in the currency that I earn – less stress for me.

But I have to remind myself that no mortgage does not equal no bills. Chris, remember, bills…you have to pay your bills…and they do add up.

First of all there is ZUS. That’s like Social Security and healthcare tax. Next is income tax, invoices of teachers and accountant fees. After that is car insurance and gasoline for 2 cars (leasing contract is finished – cars are mine). We move on to utilities – electric, heat, water, landline, internet, sat TV, and maintenance fees for the apartment and electric, water and gas for the house. I almost forgot property tax, water co-op fees and cell phones (2). Add to that pre-school fees for 2 kids and I think that is about it without food and repairs and clothes and shoes and doctors and medicine and entertainment (ha, what’s that?).

Actually, that is quite enough thank you very much. Perhaps I will continue to plead ignorance.


małgośka said...

My brother calls every bill the give-me-your-money letter :)

Caramellita said...

Yeah, ZUS to begin with ... And ZUS only can kill :)

papageno said...

I owoc żywota twojego je ZUS :)

Chris said...

For awhile I have even forgotten about ZUS, jest zadyma w przedszkolu.