Monday, April 29, 2013

Uwaga: Rambling post about nothing

I should probably say that mam wszystko w nosie or even mam wszystko gdzieś but the truth is mam wszystko w dupie. Głęboko w dupie

I’m sorry to write it. Sorry that you have to read it. Even sorrier about the hits KS is going to get with those key words, except the person doing that search is just a dirty bugger. Me? I’m just having a bad day.

Oh to be Lewandowski* for a day.

I talked to my father yesterday evening. Maybe that’s why I’m in a funk. I always get homesick after talking to my parents. My father is still unaware that we live on different planets as he complained of his tax bill. In addition to what he already paid in, he had to pay an amount of money above that, which is more than I take in in a whole year. Beh. But I’m glad that he has it and I’m glad that he’s spending it. My parents earned every last penny of that money. We may not have spent a lot of time together when I was a kid but I know that what worried them most (besides the safety of me and my sister) was their security in their older years.

I have to give up my pet peeve – littering. Not that my anti-littering campaign has eradicated littering. It’s just for my own sanity bo szlag mnie trafi every time I go, well, just about anywhere. I’ve decided to just look the other way because otherwise I’m gonna lose it. Just like I look the other way when I see my next-door neighbor. Either she has real problems at work or is incredibly susceptible to stress. At least once a month, she has a real freak-out which usually ends with her locking herself in the bathroom and bawling. Loudly. That’s the only wall we share so we can hear everything, even if we’re not trying. And yes, I admit to trying the first 2 times it happened. I wanted to know if she needed help or something. Mam wszystko w dupie, but I’m not so apathetic to not worry if my neighbor is ok. Through our eavesdropping, we ascertained that her boyfriend was not beating her and in fact has the patience of a saint. I mean how many times can you say, “Kotku, wcale nie musisz tam pracować”?

I’m still not running and the person who designed my new running shoes hates people. Well, hates people who intend to run in those shoes outside in the real world. Those shoes are great for controlled indoor activities such as shopping, but are not made for running on forest trails or sandy, stony paths. The shoes have a kind of waffled bottom which picks up and carries everything from the running surface. You could do CSI on what’s in my shoes and tell me exactly where I’ve been lately. Seriously.

I finally watched the Hunger Games. I haven’t read the books. I had the opportunity to watch it on the airplane last year, but chose instead to watch Adele’s concert twice and some movie with Robert Pattinson in it. I don’t remember the name, but he’s not a vampire. That should narrow it down considerably. Misiu watched HG’s in the seat in front of me so I caught a few of the scenes. The whole premise seemed so disturbing that I put off watching it until now. And I was disturbed as I watched it and for awhile after too. But as I thought about it, worse things happen in the world every day. In many places in the world, kids have worse odds than the those forced to play in the Hunger Games. Beh.

Finally, there has been a kind of compromise on the Ratuj maluchy front. The age for starting 1st grade will still be 6. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is the situation for the kids born in 2007 and 2008 – the last transition kids. Kids born in 2008 are required to go to school at 6, while kids from 2007 could go next year at 6 or wait until the year after that and go to 1st grade at 7 with the kids from 2008. Considering that about 70% of parents have not opted to send their 6-year-olds, that could mean a “double class” of all the left-over 7-year-olds plus the mandatory 6-year-olds. To release some of the pressure, the government has divided the class of 2008 into 2 groups, allowing kids from the second half of the year to start school later. What do the Ratuj maluchy parents have to say to the new proposal? Karolina Elbanowska, leader of the Ratuj maluchy campaign who was quoted in Wyborcza “Nie chcemy sześciolatków w szkołach nigdy: ani za rok, ani za try lata”. I guess ona też ma wszystko w dupie.

Ok Chris, pull up your socks. You have a lot to get done before Majówka.

*Robert Lewandowski is a Polish soccer player who plays for the German team Borussia Dortmund. In a recent match he alone scored 4 goals in the 4-1 win against Real Madrid. Amazing!Lewandowki, however, is criticized for not scoring as many goals while playing on the Polish national team. I didn’t watch the game as I cannot tolerate large groups of German people shouting in unison. It makes me think strange thoughts.


BasiaB said...

Ja też mam taki dzień dziś - wszystko idzie na opak. Super wplotłaś polskie teksty w swój angielski wpis- uwielbiam takie spontaniczne połączenia języków. A jakie precyzyjne:) Głowa do góry - mam nadzieję,że już jest lepiej:)Udanej Majówki:)

Chris said...

Thanks BB. Today has been a better day. And about the Polish/English mix, that's how we talk at home. We really shouldn't mix the languages but sometimes you wanna say szlag and not damn it.

Just 2 more lessons and we're off :)

jagodka said...

Everybody has days like this. Some more often than not ;) I hope it won't happen again for a while.

I'm having a bad day today too. Lost my keys and it took me hours to find them (not surprising, since they were at the bottom of the dumpster in a trash bag ;)) My daughter's phone is broken. And her camera too. And it's not even hers, she just borrowed it from school. Expecting a nice bill to pay. Just lovely day, that's all ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Now you are talking, jak prawdziwa Polka :)

Ale chyba naprawdę coś złego dzieje się z krajem. Prosty, wiejski, zachodnio-azjatycki konserwatyzm zaczyna dominować w życiu publicznym. Nie było tego wcześniej albo było gdzieś głęboko ukryte. Jakies 30 lat temu, w gronie znajomych słuchaliśmy The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, czytaliśmy Salingera, paliliśmy trawkę, a co więksi hardkorowcy dawali sobie w żyłę. Byliśmy biedni jak najbiedniejsi Hindusi, osaczeni totalitaryzmem, bez perspektyw, ale umysły mieliśmy całkowicie wolne. Dziś ci sami znajomi siedzą całymi dniami w kościołach, na Facebooku wypisują absurdy o zamachu smoleńskim, prezentują jawne postawy antysemickie (czasem też, ale znacznie rzadziej, antyniemickie, antyrosyjskie, antybrytyjskie, antyarabskie). Nie wiem co się stało. Kosmici podmienili im mózgi?

Poszedłem do szkoły (do "zerówki"), gdy miałem 6 lat. Nie miałem żadnych problemów z ławkami, toaletą, kolegami. Uczylismy się liter, cyfr, rysowaliśmy. Wspominam tamten czas bardzo dobrze. Koledzy, których spotkałem rok później w pierwszej klasie, jawili mi się jako absolutni analfabeci nie potrafiący zliczyć do dziesięcu. Czułem się przy nich jak profesor, gdyż rok życia u 6-latka to cała wieczność. Naprawdę nie wiem o co chodzi ludziom z "Ratuj maluchy". Jedyne co mi przychodzi na myśl, to to, że nie chcą "szkoły Tuska". Jestem gotów założyć się o spore pieniądze, że gdyby jakiś ksiądz kazał uczęszczać dzieciom na lekcje religii od 6 roku życia, to bez najmniejszego szemrania ci "wolnościowi" rodzice posłali by tam swoje dzieci.

Jestem ateistą od urodzenia, gdyż ateistami byli moi rodzice, i nigdy, jako dziecko, nie miałem z tego powodu żadnych, nawet najmniejszych nieprzyjemności. Gdybym był dzieckiem dzisiaj, to chyba musiałbym się powiesić.

Cała ta sytuacja przypomina mi tych biedaków z Bostonu, którzy bezmyślnie podłożyli tam bomby. Gdy otrzymali wolność, którą dało im USA, nie wiedzieli co z nią zrobić. Tak jak Polacy teraz.

Niektóre narody, w tym właśnie czeczeński i polski, nie radzą sobie z wolnością i demokracją. Posiadamy za mały kapitał społeczny, żeby wiedzieć co jest dla nas dobre, i za mały kapitał intelektualny, zeby rozumieć o co chodzi w tym świecie.


BasiaB said...

I know what you mean - because i am using a italian's "porca miseria " when i want to say "cholera " for example:) The best of it is the fact that we are learnig much more this bad words in ither leanguge right?
It's better now?I hoe it is :)Hugs...

Chris said...

jagodka - That is one bad day, for sure. Hope it is a little better by now. Once in the US Misiu threw away his paycheck by mistake. Rooting around in a dumpster is no fun.

Rafal - Good post? Very good comment.

If only you were right and martians had changed their brains - at least we'd know what was up. We have some friends like that, they're about 60+ years old, escaped Poland in the '70s, went to the US, live the American Kaczynski, believe in one pope "Our Pope", think Smolensk was an attack orchestrated my the Russians, covered up by the Americans. They, too, listened to Led Zeppelin and wanted to change the world.

Maybe people like that are scared because they have no enemy to focus their attention and KK does that for them? Just an idea.

And about those maluchy somehow not ready for school...just check what is the fastest growing market in private childcare - preschools from age 2. And I am convinced as you said that if the church supported the reform is would have passed smoothly.

BasiaB - Hugs accepted :)

Karuzela said...

Rafale, oczy przecieram ze zdumienia, gdy czytam takie komentarze...Moze jednak zartujesz, choc żart to okrutny, nie wiadomo czy płakać czy wyć.

Anonymous said...

Chris - Być może. Całe życie żyliśmy z wrogami, a gdy wrogów już nie ma, to czujemy się nieco zdezorientowani. "Life driven by enemies"?

Właściwie każdy może żyć życiem jakie mu się podoba. Problemem jest to, że gdy diagnozy są niewłaściwe, to lekarstwa nie chcą działać. To, co w tej chwili jest najważniejsze dla naszego państwa, to wspomaganie ludzi w płaceniu podatków tak, aby stać nas było na wystarczającą infrastrukturę drogową, kolejową, edukację, wojsko. Tropienie domniemanych żydowsko-niemiecko-rosyjsko-tuskowych spisków nigdzie nas nie zaprowadzi.

Polska podświadomość robi wszystko, żebyśmy znowu znaleźli się w sytuacji zniewolenia - przynajmniej wtedy będzie wiadomo kto jest odpowiedzialny za naszą biedę i wszelkie nieszczęścia, w tym męża pijaka i zrzędzącą teściową.


Chris said...

I agree. I want to concentrate on better infrastructure, on a better future for us and our children. And I don't want a grosz of that money spent on a church.

And if we are talking about bieda, you reminded me of a sketch by Kabaret Tej which included an explanation of skąd pochodzi bieda. I'll have to check if it is on youtube.