Monday, May 27, 2013

Kultowy Chuck Norris kontra…

…the even more kultowy Rysiek z Klanu

In the latest BZ-WBK ad Chuck Norris invites us, even dares us, to take a consolidation loan.“Umyj ręce bo pieniędzy stygno,” Rysiek implores of us – which means “Wash your hands, the money is getting cold”. I’m kidding. He doesn’t really say that, but he should, don’t you think?

I wanted to include a pic of the print ad which appears at the actual bank branch but jeez louise , the ATM is rocking every time I go there and people get nervous if you try to take a picture while they’re at the ATM. Here are some stills from the TV spot.

For those of you not in the know, the character Rysiu in the soap opera Klan was known for saying “Umyj ręce bo obiad stygnie” which is “Wash your hands, dinner is getting cold” or maybe it was his wife who said it. Anyhow, it’s funny and now that they killed Rysiu off from Klan he’s free to shop his acting skills around where ever he can. I seem to recall that I wrote something about the cooling of dinners…ah, yes, here it is.

Anyhow, Rysiu is still in the role of a family man and he does tell us to wash our hands because the money is waiting for us, not getting cold. I’m a little bit disappointed.

How to solve that financial conundrum? Happy spending!

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