Thursday, August 22, 2013

Żona Radosława Sikorskiego Anne Applebaum otrzymała polskie obywatelstwo,zona-radoslawa-sikorskiego-anne-applebaum-otrzymala-polskie-obywatelstwo

The writer Anne Applebaum, wife of the Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Radosław Sikorski, has received Polish citizenship.

I’m next!

I’ve decided to follow the example of Mary who hasn’t quite got all her shit together at 54 (Hello Mary!!!) and just relax. I’ll be 40 in a couple of months and I’m planning to give myself the whole year to get organized and to also apply for citizenship. Maybe I’ll make the headlines Puszczam oczko

I’ve started small with making a hair appointment for my first ever coloring…ever! Oh, I already said ever, but c’mon, ever! I’m nervous about it. Can ya tell?


Anna said...

Hello Chris- I found your fabulous blog after my recent month long trip to Poland. I fell in love with the country and started doing some research, so here I am! I hold dual citizenship- American and Polish- but was born in Poland and haven't been back to visit since I was 5- thats 20 years!!! Anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do, both on your blog and as a polka :) I am however, very grateful that I am a dual citizen, which will make my plans of traveling there next year for an internship much easier. Anyway, I wish that this process is somewhat easy for you and I will follow this blog to see how it goes!

Chris said...

Hi Anna. Thanks for joining us. You are right that it will be easier to arrange things here if you are already Polish. Do you have a PESEL number yet?

My process hasn't started yet as I haven't even picked up my paperwork. But I will. I promise you and myself :)

Chris said...

OK, I checked out all the paperwork on-line and one thing concerns me - the need for my birth certificate. I don't understand why my passport wouldn't suffice. When we got married, I had to produce a birth certificate LUB passport. I must investigate.