Monday, February 3, 2014

In all my life, I never thought I would…

…write a post about anal sex. Anal sex is not something I am particularly interested in as a topic per se, but Krystyna Pawłowicz has made me do it. Write about it, I mean. Not perform it.
At a meeting with PiS supporters, Ms Pawłowicz posed the question,
Czy współżycie do odbytu to jest miłość?
Is anal sex an act of love?
I have been to exactly zero meet-and-greets of any political party anywhere, in any country. I thought they talked about stuff like taxes, social security, the roads, schools, etc. What have I been missing all these years?
Ms Pawłowicz continued her questioning as she asked, I assume rhetorically,
To teraz nawet z kozami, małpami itd. będzie można uprawiać seks? Skoro baba z babą lub chłop z chłopem mogą, to czemu nie?
So what now, having sex with goats and monkeys, etc. will be allowed? If a woman can do it with a woman and a man with a man, why not?

Maybe I will try to answer these questions, rhetorical or not. Or maybe I won’t, I mean if someone is so stupid to pose such questions and in public no less, then such a person or similarly-minded people are in no position to understand an answer to these questions.
Here goes nothing.
Sex is sex. Sometimes sex is love. Sometimes sex is fun. Sometimes sex is a chore. If two people who love each other engage in consensual acts of sex, then those sex acts are at the same time acts of love. And there is something to keep in mind Ms Pawłowicz, heterosexual people possess anuses too.
Ms Pawłowicz is of course alluding to the idea that anal sex performed in a homosexual relationship is devoid of love and even decency. She compares homosexual sex to bestiality and extrapolates a society in which tolerance for homosexuals would extend to tolerance for having sex with animals.
Ms Pawłowicz, sorry, Professor Krystyna Pawłowicz – and I am sorry, for each and every one of your students – the answer to your question is no. Acceptance of homosexuals as human beings with all the rights afforded to human beings such as living, breathing, having sex when they are in love, having sex when they are not in love, not sharing with you what kind of sex they have, working, walking down the streets, etc. does not mean that bestiality will become acceptable behavior. It is true that this behavior exists and despite your suggestions otherwise, it is perpetrated predominantly by heterosexual individuals. It makes sense, I mean, heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals in the world so why not in bestiality? I don’t expect you to understand this. Someone who would wonder aloud in public about the sex acts of others probably doesn’t have the capacity to understand, but you can’t say I didn’t try.
Sory, taki mamy profesor.


Zuzanka said...

"Sorry taki mamy professor" made my day.

Yes, I want politicians to talk about taxes, roads and social security.

Wojtek said...

co do tej kobiety to po prostu nie zwracaj uwagi . Współczuje ludziom z pisu , że oni muszą tolerować ją . Rozumiem , że ktoś jest przeciwny temu ale nie ma uprawnień do dyskryminowania kogoś o innej orientacji lub upodobaniach . Co do profesorów to akurat dobrze , że takie przypadki są bardzo sporadyczne. Studiuję fizykę i często mam kontakt z profesorami oraz doktorami(nie lekarz , stopień naukowy). Chyba mam szczęście , bo tylko 1 osobę poznałem w pewien sposób podobną do niej :(

Chris said...

Zuzanka - I am very glad to make you day :)

Wojtek - I take everything she says with a grain of salt - a grain of crazy salt, I mean. I also had a crazy professor who told the class that women shouldn't study at university because it's been proven that women have inferior brains. He later committed suicide by jumping in Niagara Falls.

Rafaldo said...

I think she might have some pleasure from discussing this taboo sex in public :)

Tado said...

Jak usłyszy się coś takiego to niewiadomo czy śmiać się czy płakać.

BTW. Świetny blog!

Chris said...

Rafaldo - Long time, no see. I will try it out today, I mean talking about it in public and see how I feel. I may end the day unemployed.

Tado - Welcome! I did the laugh/cry combo. First, I laughed because it is just so ridiculous and then I cried when I remembered the she is a person in a position of authority.

agata said...

You have to remember that Pawłowicz has probably never HAD sex, out of love or fun or for scientific research or for any other reason I can think of. I can't wait to move back to Poland and be annoyed about this. UGH. Great blog!

Chris said...