Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shake what your momma gave ya!

The original:


 The parody:

 The English version:


This song, "My Słowianie" by Donatan featuring Cleo has been out for awhile now. It's back in the media as it is being considered for the Eurovision 2014 song competition. Personally, I like the song and the video. I prefer the Polish version though. Despite the "shake what your momma gave ya", the English version has lost the irony of the original. Rosie loves the colors and the clothes. Lizzie is more interested in Donatan's sweatpants -she's our little dresiarka. And Misiu, well, he likes the całokształt ;)

We cannot deny that they video is sexy and some have even called it vulgar. Lizzie commented, "It's a nice video, but why all the boobies?" No własnie, dlaczego? Judging from the other music videos, I'd have to say that boobies jest podstawa. I think I know who Misiu and I are going to be for Halloween next year.

So, have a nice day and don't forget to shake what your momma gave ya.


Herr Julien said...

Heard this on the radio a few times and wondered who/what I was hearing. Dzięki for clearing that up. Had no idea there was an English version and I've got to say I don't like it in English one single bit. Unfortunately for Poland's chances in the Eurovision Song Contest, I'm sure the English version is the one they're going to roll with.

małgośka said...

Mój mąż też docenia 'całokształt' tylko prosi "możesz trochę przyciszyć" :)

Chris said...

Hey Herr Julien, it's nice to hear from you :)

małgośka, it's nice to hear from you too ;) Tell your husband that this song is meant to be played loud!

Herr Julien said...
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Herr Julien said...

Nice to be heard from. I've been keeping such a low profile – I think the last you heard form me was before my move to Warsaw. Can i really be 3 and a half years already?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've seen the parody...OMG, I just died! lol

I like the song too, but not the English version. She needs to work on pronunciation because it's super hard to understand.


Herr Julien said...

Anonymous D., I actually found Cleo's facebook page and attempted to get a message through: Please please please please for the love of God please perform in POLISH at Eurovision.

Translating into English "so that an international audience understands" only works if 1) your pronunciation and intonation is easily comprehensible to other non-native English speakers and b) the translation is really so spot-on that it makes it sound like the song was written in English to begin with. The English version of this song meets nether criterion.

Chris said...

malgoska - My husband added that this song is to be watched, not listened to ;)

Herr Julien - It has been a long time, 3 1/2 years already. I do agree with you and D. that if the song is going to be performed in English, it needs some work. If it is hard for English-speaking people to understand what she is singing, then the lyrics will be totally lost on people less proficient (I mean with the pronunciation as it is now). Fortunately, the language of boobies is international.