Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My vulgar little Rosie

image Rosie is just now really starting to speak. Strangely enough she prefers Polish, while Lizzie at the same age preferred English. Lizzie’s preference for English stopped when she started Pre-school.


Rosie’s little voice and her sweet, little sentences are so cute. It’s sometimes very difficult to figure out what she’s trying to say. Before we try to decipher her code, we must first figure out what language she is using. That’s not so easy as she mixes her languages, her endings, her persons (you/me).

When we give her something, we usually say, “This is for you.”

When she gives us something, she usually says, “For you.”

When she doesn’t want something we have given her, she says, “Nie for you.” (“not for you” meaning in fact “not for me”)

Except when she says “for you” it comes out more like, um, well, “who you”.

That’s our vulgar little Rosie.

PS If you don’t know Polish, “who you” sounds like a pretty bad word in Polish :)


Czarny(w)Pieprz said...

A bit dirty one but very popular as well:)

Dot said...

Awwww. :)
Children are sweet - as long as they aren't mine :)

Tabdel said...

hahahaha She is lovely hahahahaha
I love children in this age.
Big kiss for you and your family, especialy for girls!!!!

Stardust said...

One morning I was walking to the kitchen with my eyes still half closed, kind of a zombie, and that's exactly what Wspanialy said "who you?" I got awake in a split second:))) Later I explain to him what it means in polish, from then on it's an insider joke between two of us:)))

b. said...

my girlfriend's little girl (loooong time ago) loved her little polish book about ducks. can you imagine her running through a mall and yelling "kwak, kwak, kwak..."
it really was fun :)))

ania_2000 said...

Very cute and very funny Rosie:)

Gosia said...

She's so sweet:)
I remember when my youngest boy start Pre-school in NI. At this time he know just few words in English. So he pretend, he can speak. That was something like Chinese.
Or when he mix the words like Rosie. "Daj mi bicycle, please"

Szeherezada Stiepanowna said...

To się wyprostuje, ale co się naśmiejecie to Wasze!

Szeherezada Stiepanowna said...

Aaaa miałam zapytać - mogę komentować po polsku?

Chris said...

Oczywiście że możesz :)

Szeherezada Stiepanowna said...

No to fajnie :-)

Jaghoda said...

Cute little girl! :) No wonder she's a bit confused, she's bound to be bilingual.
My younger daughter also had difficult beginnings and even now (almost 6!) she has a funny way of speaking. With English words she usually makes her own Polish versions, like she calls the popular toy Petshop a "szeptop"

Hjuston said...

Very funny. My son is 20 months and doesn't speak very well. I am looking forward to hear what he will have to say soon