Monday, March 26, 2012

Lucky Ducks

We are now 24 zloty richer as we have won the lotto – 3 numbers- as I knew we would. How did I know? Well, all the signs were pointing to our incredible good luck and inevitable win.
On Thursday, I saw 2 storks (which are good luck, aren’t they?) – one at work and then another at school. Those teachers are pretty crafty.
a stork created by a little cancer patient for the charity auction03222012434craft storks made from cardboard and tissue paper0321201243203212012433
On Friday, I saw 3 chimney sweeps. And mind you, that was three separate chimney sweeps on three separate occasions. I held my button each time and considered myself very lucky*
Then, Friday evening I was watching an old episode of “Friends” and they were talking about chimney sweeps. It was a sign.
Saturday morning there were 3 ladybugs on my bedroom window, inside. Ladybugs are lucky, aren’t they?
Then on the way to the market, I saw a  new plastic stork in my neighbor’s front garden. At the market I saw a lovely stork Easter decoration and we had parked right in front of the Ruch Kiosk which sells lottery tickets. We were shoe-ins to win.
Hmmm, what to do with 24 zloty? I will take my Grandma’s old advice and not spend it all in one place.
*My three chimney sweeps must be somewhere in this picture below. Chimney sweeps are considered lucky in Poland and if you see one (or three for that matter) you should touch one of your buttons for a moment for good luck. I suppose touching one of the chimney sweeps buttons would be even luckier. But the most luck of all would be of a college student I once saw in the Market Square. She approached 2 chimney sweeps and from what I could surmise made a request to which they agreed. After that, she took the older gentleman’s face in her hands, kissed him on the lips delicately but with fervor and then pulled one of his buttons off of his jacket and walked away with it. As she was walking away, she tossed the button up in the air and caught it. The chimney sweeps (and a few passersby, such as myself) stood dumbfounded.
Dobra dziewczyna, nie?

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Village Weekend

02262012363We had a warm and sunny weekend in the Village. It appeared that the whole village was working, raking, cleaning, digging and planting on Saturday. The weather was good enough on Sunday to work too, but on Sundays in our Village only we work in our garden. According to Village mores, it is highly inappropriate to work in your garden on Sunday. But to hell with Village mores - it’s our way of enjoying ourselves and relaxing. It is noteworthy that Village mores deem it appropriate enough on Sunday to get falling-down-drunk in front of the Village shop while Sunday gardening is definitely frowned upon. Additionally, we washed our car so our places in hell are practically guaranteed.
We also hit the church Easter sale (but not the actual church). It was a “pay-what-you-want” sale to benefit poor children so we bought two very Jesus-y  Easter postcards and paid 10 zl. The nun couldn’t allow such generous donors ;) to leave with only 2 cards so she slipped us 2 “palms” for Palm Sunday. Maybe not the most efficient way to run a charity sale, but she was happy, we were happy. All was good.
We also took a few trips around the Village on foot and snapped some photos. It was a good weekend.  03182012425
03182012409 03182012383
  The rules never apply to me ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wisdom And Worries According to Chris

Some things that have been going through my mind lately…
If you don’t buy potato chips and nobody at home buys potato chips, you will not eat potato chips which is “A Good Thing”. Hence, if you don’t want to eat potato chips (or crisps for the rest of you), then don’t buy them. Who knew it was so simple?
If you don’t have money to spend, don’t go to the shops (brick and mortar or internet). No visit to the shops means no spending. It also means no new shoes for Misiu which he really needs. Gotta work out the bugs in my plan.
Not eating meat is not as difficult as I first envisioned. Aaaannd if you don’t buy meat, then you don’t eat meat (see my great theory of potato chip relativity above). Rather simple really. Not that I will never buy or eat meat again, but I wanted to experiment with not eating meat and I have learned that I am able to not eat meat and not really miss it. Having said that, fish, dairy and eggs would be incredibly difficult to eliminate from my diet. Sorry Vegans.
Some people need to be cut out of my Facebook “friends” list – specifically the friends who keep linking stupid shyte from Fronda’s webpage.
I am wondering what’s going to happen to my family budget if gasoline reaches 6 or 7 (or God forbid 8) zloty a liter (it is approaching 6 now). The potato chip theory doesn’t really help me here because I still have to get to the city. If I only needed to reach one location, I would use public transport,but I usually need to hit 3 to 6 places in one day excluding trips to pre-school (which I usually do on foot).
I am slowly preparing myself psychologically (and financially) for a visit to my parents in the US. I suspect that my family and friends have got old since my last visit ;) We miraculously have not changed a bit ;) OK, that’s not true. We have doubled since our last visit  - I mean there are 4 of us instead of 2, not that we got fat ;) There is a strong probability that I am going to freak out when I arrive for reasons too various to mention, ha, too various to even think about.
Ok, I have to go first of all to pick up my children from school and second of all because I have started to think about all my “freak out” reasons and I would like to stop this train of thought before I really do freak out.
Here’s a pic from our last trip to the US. All my friends in Poland really love this picture. I wonder why?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Piątkowe Bento Po Polsku

In honor of dwakoty who has been ill lately but still managed to post some pics from the hospital and a sweet picture of a very cute Srodowe bento. Get well soon!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Kurwa Poniedziałek Znowu

My Bad Day which started Monday of last week when I bumped a lady (I mean her car) while parking and she about had an aneurysm has now extended to A Bad Week.
My name has officially been changed from Kurwa Piątek Znowu to Kurwa Poniedziałek Znowu and I suspect the day after tomorrow it will once again be Kurwa Środa Znowu. 
My new name is quite a mouthful so as a modern woman, I think I will hyphenate. Please direct all official correspondence to Pani Kurwa Poniedziałek-Znowu.
Thank You.