Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Inside and Out

I cannot concentrate on anything. Inside the house we are fighting an epic battle with korniki or some other kind of woodworm which is attacking our wood-framed house. If I were a religious person, I just might cross myself before climbing into the bathtub full of water upstairs. That’s 100 kilos of bathtub, plus water, plus me supported by wooden beams. As it is, I never sit on the couch located downstairs under the tub when somebody is having a bath.
Outside, pokrzywa is attacking us from every front. Yes, I know that stinging nettle is not really a weed, that you can make soup from it and that is has other medicinal uses, but I don’t really care. It is ugly and it has taken over all border areas of the yard and a good-sized patch in the back garden.
Of these two szkodniki I am more concerned by the woodworm. We are planning the next stage of attack this weekend. Fingers-crossed and thumbs held.