Sunday, September 5, 2010

Too young? Za młoda?

imageIs 36 too young for a midlife crisis?

Do Polish women have crises or is it an American invention?

Are mothers with kids still in diapers even allowed to have midlife crises? 


Czy 36 lat to zbyt młodo na kryzys wieku średniego?

Czy kobiety w Polsce mają kryzys, czy jestimage to amerykański wynalazek?

Czy matki z dziećmi jeszcze w pieluchach nawet mogą mieć kryzys wieku średniego?


Anna said...

Polish women, in general, tend to suffer throughout their whole life, so no, they don't have any special moment for a crisis.

And yes, I should say "we" not "they" as I am a Polish woman, but I consider myself quite non-standard.

As for the midlife crisis as such - Chris, get a convertible :) It's the best fun one can have. Still, convertible doesn't look too good with children seats installed.

miss said...

I had one when I was 25-26... 10 years later being mum "with kids still in diapers" there is no time for it... well, maybe for a 5 minutes of depression per day;)

Chris said...

Anna - Those poor, long-suffering Polish ladies ;) And you are right, a convertible with 2 car seats in the back does not really say - I'm young and free!

Miss - I try to schedule my moment of depression to coincide with my time in the bathroom but even that 5 minutes of time usually does not go uninterrupted. "Mommy! Mommy! What are you doing in there?"

On a positive note, Rosie is almost potty trained. Soon we'll be through with diapers!!!!

Czarny(w)Pieprz said...

We don't have time to have crisis or even notice such a state. Or...maybe I'm constantly in crisis as Anna said:)

ucieczka/ranaway said...

Exactly - show me the moment in a woman life when she does not have a crisis ;) even the small 'i don't have what to wear' :)

Chris said...

Agreed, agreed. Crisis seems to be the status quo around here too. And I don't have the time for a traditional crisis. First of all, I have 2 small kids. Second of all, I can't afford a convertible and third of all, younger men think I'm old and gross. And I don't have anything to wear!

ucieczka/ranaway said...

You think that crisis "Misiu is looking for a divorce attorney because he thinks that his wife is looking for younger men" seems better? ;D haha. oh ok. I understand. When I'm not ok I say that my soap bubble burst. And definition of my soap bubble is: a spherical membrane of positive thoughts filled with air with me inside. Arises from a mixture of positive thoughts or Zen (eg visualization benefits), sometimes with a small addition of alcohol restraining the evaporation of joy which supports aliveness of the bubble ;)) You just have to find a moment to rebuild the bubble around you.

Chris said...

Misiu is sure of the solidity of our marriage (I hope). Our marriage is built on a solid foundation of love, laziness and common debt.

I think an ideal bubble rebuilding moment may be while baking a cake. A little vanilla extract for the cake...a litte vanilla extract for me. Vanilla extract being a bottle of Wyborowa with some vanilla sticks in it. Of course just for medicinal purposes and for "restraining the evaporation of joy" :)