Friday, February 11, 2011

My Next Car



I wonder how much it costs?

Ciekawam ile kosztuje taki samochód?


Anna said... Circa 70k zloty. But you'll need a motorbike licence to drive it.

MarekFloryda said...

I guess you never had a serious accident in your life? A car has to be big and heavy.

papageno said...

25% cheaper when paying to have your winter tires changed :)

Chris said...

Anna - Thanks for the info. Hmmm 70k and a motorbike licence - 2 things I don't have.

Marek - Notice the bit of truck in the second picture. That electric car is soon to be swallowed up or driven over.

papageno - True :)

MarekFloryda said...

Papageno - the rear wheel is probably some exotic bike tire that either does not exist in a winter form or costs a small fortune. So any savings may be illusionary :)

I am going to test drive Chevrolet Volt tomorrow (GM invited me) - something that is supposed to be ultra-efficient and yet as safe as a "normal" car. I think that my next car will probably be 100% electric - I really like the new Tesla S, but Volt may be a more economic solution.

Anna said...

@Chris - glad to be of help.

@MarekFloryda - please, put the info about Chevy Volt on your blog, I'd like to read it. Why do you say that it's "supposed" to be as safe as a "normal" car?

MarekFloryda said...

@Anna - done.

Pan Steeva said...

See Bubble car in Wikipedia. I remember these from the 1960s in England.

Anonymous said...

"Ciekawam" - I probably see this word used in real life for the first time in my life :)

Thanks for making me smile :)

Chris said...

You are very welcome, kind anonymous soul.I heard it once somewhere and thought it was a very useful word.

Although not a real word, I like to use "ciepłość" as well. In my opinion, it is way better than "ciepła".