Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Preparations

My mother called me yesterday. She wanted to ask if we received the Easter package that she sent. We got it, in record time, less than a week. I planned to hide the box until Easter, but since the kids were home when it was delivered, there was no chance of that happening. The box was full of fantastic things-swimming suits, clothes, books in English and a lot of Spiderman (Lizzie) and Dora (Rosie) things. Thanks Mom!

My mother also wanted to remind me that it is time to do my pickled eggs if I want them to be good by Sunday. I am one step ahead of her because I’ve already bought all the ingredients. I guess tonight after work, I’ll be spending some quality time in the kitchen instead of vegged out in front of the TV watching “The Biggest Loser” which I, in fact, count as my exercise time ;)

My mother’s pickled egg recipe can be found here.

I know it may be cliché (here in Poland anyway), but I really feel the pressure to clean my windows before Easter. I mean, not enough to actually clean them, but just enough to say loudly for all to hear that our windows are due for a cleanin’, sigh. Then another sigh, louder than the first. Then a third sigh and wait to see if it has had any effect. Nope, the windows are still dirty. Remember, I don’t bow down to the pressures of Polish society ;)

More on Easter window cleaning here. Gawd, that clip art really does look like me, all smile and teeth.

Happy Easter Preparations!


Kasia said...

Do not clean the windows, Chris! My friend did it on Sunday and then a suicidal pigeon crashed into it :) There's really no point. I've decided to do nothing for Easter, maybe boil some eggs.

girri said...

I resisted that urgent need to clean my windows before Easter (maybe cause I live in Berlin for over a year already), but.... I could not resist cleaning my mums windows. 14 double glazed windows, damn, done in 2 days. I am aching all over...

Chris said...

So Kasia, you will be pleased to know that the windows are not cleaned, the pickled eggs are made AND I was still able to watch "The Biggest Loser". Now, I only need to bake a cake, make a veggie salad and cook a ham.

Girri - What a good daughter you are! Hmmm, Berlin is just a few short hours away from me, so if you ever get the window-cleaning urge again, just let me know ;)