Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Killer Cucumbers ;)

Carrefour has assured me that the cucumbers we’ve bought originate from a greenhouse in Poland. I certainly hope so. I hope they don’t originate from a dumpster in Germany transported to Poland by some entrepreneurial cucumber sellers.

You can wash cucumbers with soap, right?

I mean, it’s too late. I’ve already washed them and made mizeria*. I used pomegranate dishwashing liquid. Better than E.coli, I suppose.


*Mizeria is a cucumber salad. It is basically cucumber slices in a sauce. My mother-in-law makes her mizeria with sour cream, sugar, and a splash of vinegar. Some people use yogurt or mayo instead of sour cream. Some people add onions or dill. Here’s a tip – Don’t salt the sauce/salad until right before serving (if at all). The salt draws the water out of the cucumbers and makes the sauce all watery.


Stardust said...

For years already we wash all the fruit and veggies with soap:)) Of course the hard one not lettuce:)) That was Wspanialy's idea not mine. I guess he knows more and better;)

Zuzanka said...

I wash with water, than I peel, than wash again.

And if you add salt to cucumbers after they're sliced, leave it for a few minutes and than pour out the liquid, mizeria is even better.

My favourite "mizeria" is a version of Greek(?) tzatziki - you grate the cucumber, add minced garlic, salt and greek yoghurt.

Zuzanka said...

Also, in my home mizeria was made using sour cream (12 or 18% of fat), with a bit of sugar and a pinch of citric acid, not vinegar.

MarekFloryda said...

Killer cucumbers - I was hoping this post would be about a new horror movie - just like the movie about killer sheep from New Zealand that eat human brains. Or about a new horror-erotic movie about killer cucumbers that... OK, I will stop right here!

Anyway, I am disappointed :( I want suspense and action! Not some "mizeria" and pomegranate dishwashing liquid :(

madkasia said...

Totally agree with Zuzanka - salt your cucumbers and after they produce some juice, drain them just before adding the sauce. Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Stardust - I even recall that on QVC they sold some liquid soap which was meant for washing fruit/veggies.

Zuzanka and madkasia - Thanks for the clue about the salt and draining. I will try it next time. Tzatziki is one of my favorites too. Misiu's sister lived in Greece for many years so we've got access to some pretty authentic Greek cooking...when she invites us ;)

Marek - I am still alive today and as far as I know E. coli free. That was enough suspense for me ;) I was a bit reluctant to write something about cucumbers on a kielbasa blog. I can only imagine the perverted buggers who will end up here now ;)

On today's menu we have bób also known as lima beans.


MarekFloryda said...

Bób = fava bean - I buy it a lot here making everybody really surprised (you eat that????).

Anonymous said...

Really, it's fava bean? I thought it was just some kind of giant lima bean. Hee, hee. Luckily, over here we (me and all the Poles) are not afraid of beans and veggies and things.

I remember once a long time ago when (the late) Margo Dydek started to play in the WNBA, she was interviewed on The Tonight Show (with Jay Leno). Her biggest problem with trasition to American life (she said) was the vegetables. She said they all tasted fake.


madkasia said...

hmm - Whenever I tried fava beans then never tasted as bób. I wonder if that's because it's impossible to find fresh ones here so I always bought frozen?