Monday, February 13, 2012

Poor By Choice

That’s what I am, don’t you know?

Poor By Choice.

According to my father.

Poor By Choice.

It’s a thing.

Want to join?

How quaint it is, he thinks, to not have enough money to make ends meet. How utterly charming it is to work and work and work and to not buy what you need when you need it because you just cannot afford it. It is just pat-you-on-the-head adorable to lose a big contract and not know when or if another one is coming along. It is all a rebellion, you see. A rebellion against America, against capitalism, against my parents, it is anti-globalist even, my conscious decision to be poor.

I have explained, blue-in-the-face explained, to my father that there is poor and there is poor. By Polish standards, I am normal as in SNAFU-normal, but still with my head above water -well, actually slightly below water but I’m not down for the count yet. By American (my father’s) standards, we are poor but by global standards we are lucky. We are not poor as in live-in-a-cardboard-shack poor but that doesn’t help me when all I want to do is…oh, never mind, it’s really not that important. Four tickets to the US cost about 12,000+ PLN. Bleh.


Lois B said...

I think as parents, we often forget how much our words matter to our children - that what we say and forget, is etched in their brain. :(

Chris said...

So true.I try to remember it myself as a parent.

Kasia said...

Not that Americans are really rich. So many people have credit card debt, and they just keep charging.
That said - some of my Polish relatives think that i am rich because I live in America:) You know - rich like the people in the movies:)
Don't get me started on the plane ticket prices - every time I check they seem to be more expensive, not to mention the ridiculous connections.

Kasia said...

Americans in the US - I am sure you knew what I was trying to say.

Chris said...

Kasia - I got it ;) I especially like plot lines in Polish soaps or movies where somebody goes to America for 6 months or a year and comes back a millionaire. It perpetuates the stereotype. Over here I am quick to remind folks that I earn in zloty ;)

Anonymous said...

With this post you truly won me over! Kudos!