Friday, June 15, 2012


I have a lot to do during my vacation in America – a lot to do and a lot of people to see. I’ve already got some things penciled in on my calendar and some other things inked in…and we’re still in Poland. My schedule is tighter than the Pope’s. Maybe I should ask people to kiss my ring?
One thing on our itinerary was to visit the local fire house. I had an affinity for the fire station behind our old house when I was a kid. Neither the fire house nor our old house still stand, but my love for the fire house is carried on in our girls. When one of my classmates heard that we were coming for a visit and that our girls loved everything connected to fire stations, he invited us to visit is. You see my old classmate was, among other things (a dad, an EMT, a soccer coach), a volunteer fire-fighter…and an all-around nice guy. We won’t be seeing him this trip and we won’t be touring his fire station with him. He passed away in his sleep two nights ago just shy of age 40.
We weren’t close, just old classmates but I feel for his family just the same. Tell the people you love that you love them. Tell the people that you like that you like them. Tell the people that you appreciate that you appreciate them. Say please. Say thank you. Live. Smile.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog

Stardust said...

I have a tears in my eyes.
You sooo right, there is never too many I LOve you(s) and I don't care if at the moment they have deep or light meaning.

Chris said...

Anon - Thank you very much.

Stardust - So true. Hug Wspaniały extra tight tonight :)

ds said...

Znasz ten cytat? "Spieszmy się kochać ludzi, tak szybko odchodzą"

Chris said...

ds- I have heard it and it is so true. I will be thinking about it everyday on my trip to the US since I don't get there very often and I don't know when I'll get back there again.