Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My birthday

My birthday is coming up. Ok, it’s in 2 months, but at my age that is just around the corner.
The girls asked me what kind of birthday cake I’m going to have and they don’t mean the flavor. They already know what kind of cakes they want and their birthdays are in April. Lizzie wants a Disney Cars party and Rosie wants a Princess party – so basically a repeat of her last party.
What kind of cake do I want?
It was so much easier as a kid. I could easily come up with a theme that defined me and if not defined me, at least pleased me. What cake design could do all that for me as an adult? I’m stumped. I better get thinking because not only is the cake for me but I will be the one making it.


fiona_apple said...

Oh my, this is food for thought... I love your blog, Chris. I adore it. And now on to thinking. :)

Zofia Mk said...

alcohol. any kind of alcohol. The more, the merrier. May come useful when thinking about age. ;)
Maybe 'bomba rumowa' or something like this :D

I've read all your posts, I've been waiting for new ones to come, hecking your blog desperately (yeah, addicted to your writing, I guess)... You make me smile!

I've never tried commenting your stuff before, but this time couldn't resist. I hope you don't mind another stranger in here :)

Keep up the good work and don't worry about your age, whatever it is! Women are like wine, older is better :)


Zofia Mk said...

gee, should be Checking, not hecking... damn keyboard...

Chris said...

fiona and Zofia - Who told you that I was having a down day? Thanks for the boost in my mood and in my confidence and thanks for leaving comments.

I am going to look for a recipe for an Italian cake I had once which was pretty "rummy" and had a lot of cream.

Still thinking...

kama said...

Chris, I have ten przepis na Tiramisu. I's delicious. Ciasto ma w sobie kawe i wodke i pyszny krem. Wlasnie wczoraj robilam na urodziny mojej Amelki ale nie dawalam alkoholu. Tez wyszlo przepyszne!

Chris said...

Send me pleeze your Tiramisu recipe. You still have my e-mail, right?

Tiramisu is the favorite cake of bosses (or wives). Tiraj, misiu.