Monday, October 8, 2012

Pictures from Poland – Autumn 2012

Some pre-Halloween fun
Harvest festival displays
Should we be concerned that “Baba” is pulling the plow?
And I was so inspired by this display that I cook some zupa ogórkowa.
It was delicious, if I do say so myself.


Ingwen said...

I like the mocking-like attention to detail in those displays :D.
The soup looks delicious!

czarownica said...

Not my favourite soup, but great for hangover ;)

Anonymous said...

It is awesome! :)


Chris said...

Ingwen - I also liked the tongue-in-cheek displays. They get more elaborate every year.

Czar - I did not know that this soup is good for a hangover. I will file this info away for future use ;)

Iwona - Thank you. This is Lizzie's favorite soup and I promised her that I would make it.

Zuzanka said...

This displays are awesome (especially with vodka bottles). Splendid. Btw, how's the Fartuch Lady? Still spending her time in your garden?

Chris said...

It remains to be seen. We have locked all gates in a very obvious way but someone very crafty could make it in.

This week I am planning to buy a new saw (my old saw is too weak and bendy) and all overhanging branches will be saw, saw, sawed away this weekend.

Kasia said...

Love those decorations! Can you please come to my house and decorate?I am a big fan of zupa ogorkowa - unfortunately my guys don't like it(:

Tomek C. said...

Nice! And great material for curating stereotypes about Poland :-)

Chris said...

I see these scenes, but live action, every week in my village. Life imitating art, imitating life.

Anonymous said...

Those village photos along with you - being an American remind me of a good Polish comedy series called Ranczo ( ) , it's aired on TVP1 and all seasons from the beginning are available on's VOD. The plot is based on dealing with "Polish stereotypes", esp. rural ones, all tongue-in-cheek of course. Have you seen it?

Chris said...

Anon - I haven't seen it but I have heard of it. The "gentlemen" who drink outside the village shop on my road call me "Lucy". That's probably why they act like they know me because they assume that I'm their local Lucy. Now if only I could get them to um, well, tuck it back in after they relieve themselves on the wall of the shop. Yes, I know, charming.

czarownica said...

Chris, you should be proud of yourself!
Being recognised by "ławeczka" (the team from the front of the shop) is a privilege already. Being accepted by them you're the village elite :)

Anonymous said...

Being an elite is the first thing, second is "się robi, szefowo" ("'ll do right away, boss") when you're dealing with moving something heavy in/out etc. in the house, for the cost of whatever is their favourite "beverage". :) And being recognised & accepted by them gives you the best protection from local crooks & thieves when you're away. Am I right czarownica?

(the same Anon)

princeska said...

I really liked you before, but I'm well impressed now like. An American lady (or are you more Polish now? LOL) cooked a zupa ogórkowa! Well done.
Wish I could make it for my Scottish man - he doesn't eat anything "in brine" :( ...

czarownica said...

Yes, Anon, perfectly right!
Laweczka rulezzz :)

Chris said...

I do feel accepted by the ławeczka in front of the shop even though I am not accepted by the ławeczka in the chapel on Sundays. Apparently, I have been missing "my turn" to clean the chapel...for about 9 years.

I am counting on the fact that we are "in" with the shop crowd (I am kierowniczka instead of szefowa) and that it provides us some protection against thieves. I also give the impression that there is nothing to steal in my house, which is pretty much accurate anyhow.

While I feel pretty Polish after making that soup, my family was less than receptive to my pomidorówka which I made this weekend. Maybe they were too excited to eat after seeing our neighbor's new John Deere tractor. It was the hit of the village.

Anonymous said...

Here is today's news item:

FREEDOM, Pa. – Police say a costumed 9-year-old girl was accidentally shot outside a western Pennsylvania home during a Halloween party by a relative who thought she was a skunk.

One has to be careful selecting your kid's Halloween costume.

tranikowa said...

ogorkowa- mniam!