Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Polish Halloween

No time to write.
We’re getting ready for Polish Halloween.


czarownica said...


Anonymous said...

Are the polish people praying for you?? ;)

Chris said...

If they aren't now, they will be after our Halloween blow-out :)

tranikowa said...

it could have been worse

m. said...

Hi, Chris! if You will be this weekend close to Wroclaw come to our halloween workshops for kids!!

it is little lovely place exactly in the center/ old town (plac sonly), link below with info.have great weekend. greets!


Chris said...

m- What a pity that we missed it. Thanks for the invitation though.We had a very interesting Halloween party in the village. It was my first "white" Halloween ever and I caught myself a nasty cold - snifffle, sniffle.