Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Genius of Evil

All the middle-schoolers from the “senior year” of middle school are knee deep in exams right now. With these exam results they will apply to high schools and keep their fingers crossed that they get into their first choice.

What? I remember going through the same thing except it was the SATs and I was worried about college.

I asked one of my students, a teenaged boy, what high schools were on his dream list. He included “the math high school”, “the humanistic high school” and the local Catholic high school. The choices didn’t seem to jive with any specific career choice so I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up.

Stroking his pet terrier sitting in his lap he replied, “A genius of evil, mwah- ha-ha.”

I can’t make this stuff up.


BasiaB said...

I am affraid there is no big choice in Poland. When I was younger i was always thinking that it's a shame that i cant go to american school.When i was watching "Beverly Hills 90210" and problem's of the guy's to choose a school i was thinking that they are so lucky to have so big choice...

Anonymous said...

I won't agree with that and because I'm choosing school this year I belive that I know something about it. If you get good marks, tests results wilk be ok you can go to mamy school with various profiles. I agree that if you live in such zadupie as I live you havel to look for school in another city. It can be difficult, but you have two options - living somewhere in the city (it's not so expensive) or go to school by bus (or some other option) every day.

If I mange to get where I want i'll be in situation like tahat. Some of my friends too so if you want - it's possible.:)


Chris said...

BasiaB- I also wanted to have as many choices at the kids on 90210. I was seriously hindered by my finances. Anyhow, they were talking about their choice of uni not hs.

Nina - I also came from zadupie and had only one choice of hs. The next option was one private hs about an hour away, bus leaving at 5:30 every morning. I stayed in zadupie. Good luck in making your school choice!