Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It’s a big deal

My Lizzie turned 7. It’s a big deal! She’s a big 7 year-old with 7 year-old problems. No more baby stuff for her. It’s all race cars and basketball from here on out…well, until it turns into boys and basketball.

Happy 7th birthday sweetheart!



This is the race car cake Lizzie requested. I was planning to make it round with a race track but she said she wanted a “rectangle cake”.  Her next requirement besides rectangles and race cars was that the cake had to have a “7” and also car tires. So in case you were wondering what those black things at the the bottom of the cake were supposed to be, well, they’re supposed to be tires…or something similar to tires.


Oreo tires. At least they taste good :)


ds said...

incredible. they were 2 and 4 when I started reading... beautiful cake! beautiful girls! happy birthday Lizzie!

AnetaCuse said...

Same here: 2 & 4. Wow. The oreos looked like tires to me from the start, great job! And happy birthday to Lizzie!

czarownica said...

Happy birthday to the Big Girl!

Lois B said...

Sto lat, Lizzie! Great cake, Chris!

Ingwen said...

Obviously those cookies look like tires. Great cake, you did awesome job. :)
Happy birthday to your daughter.

Tomek C. said...

It can also turn into boys and race cars :)

Anyway, best wishes!

BasiaB said...

Wszystkiego najlepszego na dużej dziewczynki:) Ma bardzo oryginalne zainteresowania jak na 7latkętrzeba przyznać:)Tort wygląda super:)

Chris said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I've passed them along to Lizzie. Also thanks for the compliments on the cake. I'm glad the oreos were recognizable as tires.

I can't believe I have been writing this blog for so long and that many of you (I remember who you are!) have been with me since the beginning. I appreciate your input and enjoy reading your blogs too.

And Tomek, I asked Lizzie and she said the same thing :)

jagodka said...

Happy Birthday to Lizzie! Sto lat!