Sunday, April 7, 2013

No cóż

No cóż. It happened. I talked to the priest at school. I had no choice really. He was filling in for another teacher in świetlica (the day room, as google translate calls it). OK, he seems to be a nice, smiling guy. I'll admit that, but as I have said before as long as he is working in a public school, I have no respect for him.

I came to the day room and looked at the mass of kids, all busy with different activities. There were a lot of little blond heads, so I tried to remember what color Lizzie was wearing that day. I spotted her and the priest struck up a conversation with me as Lizzie finished her drawing.

Priest (puts his religious book aside): Good afternoon. I have something to show you.

Chris: Good afternoon. Surely you don't.

Priest: Just a minute. Here it is. (holds up a child's drawing, obviously not Lizzie's) What do you see?

It looked like a Japanese anime princess in a pink dress with flowing hair or a Monster High character perhaps. That's too much in Polish so I very eloquently stated...

Chris: Baba w sukience.

Priest: It's supposed to be me.

Chris: No cóż.


Zuzanka said...

Rotfl. So true.

ndale said...

ha ha, who said on all the priests "faceci w czarnych sukienkach" (guys in black dresses)?

małgośka said...

Powinien być zadowolony, że wypadł tak niebanalnie :)
Kiedyś sądziłam, że moja córka narysowała scenę jak Trzej Królowie idą do Betlejem, a to były The Powerpuff Girls :D

Chris said...

When Lizzie first saw the priest at school in his black robes (a dress in her mind), she asked Misiu who it was. He answered, "Ksiądz". She said with wonder in her voice, "Książę?" (priest/prince)

małgośka - Are there 3 of them? My favorites are the drawings of various splotches and scribbles and the child says, "Mommy, it's you." :)

BasiaB said...

Good , very good. I think we are thinking the same thing about priest and other babach w sukienkach...:)