Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grają nie fair

The first day of school was Monday czyli yesterday. Knowing that the kids in Poland are automatically signed up for Religia czyli catechism, Misiu went to Rosie’s new kindergarten teacher to sign her out. The teacher told Misiu not to worry about it and that he could officially sign her out at the class meeting on Wednesday czyli tomorrow. No worries, right?
Today, czyli Tuesday, Rosie attended Religia czyli catechism and informed us that she needs a book for Religia. She’s only 5. This happened in pre-school as well. That’s why Misiu stepped up on Monday. I think the school is not playing fair.


Tomek C said...

Ha.. I'm going to tackle this next year. I wonder what it would look like if religion classes were treated as additional, non compulsory class funded by interested parents...

czarownica said...

To ich ostatnie podrygi, Chris.
Przegrali Afryke z islamem, wierni im odchodzą, kościołów nie ma za co utrzymać. Nic dziwnego, ze wszelkimi metodami starają sie zapewnić trwanie swojej instytucji, choć w Waszym przypadku bardziej podejrzewalabym niedbalstwo, nieuwaznosc i kiepska pamięć pani.

Anonymous said...

This is why I hate Poles.

They need to suck somebodys dick. Soviets in the past, Varicans right now.

Chris said...

Tomek C - I too wonder the same thing. Theoretically, the classes are only organized when a group of parents request the particular class, but it doesn't work like that. It is assumed that the parents will request catechism while making the teachers' schedules. I suppose it is just easier that way and of course religion is already in the budget.

czar - I agree with you that the church is trying to hold on tightly to its congregation here in Poland. In fact in recent public masses, priests have been making a connection between the church and polskość - as in to weaken the church is to weaken the country. I also agree with you that sending Rosie to catechism yesterday was just an oversight plus the nachalność of the religion teacher. However, it happens each and every year.

Anon - I don't agree with you about the Soviet dick sucking. Poland was shocked and disappointed to its core after being placed under Soviet rule after WWII. That some people (party members) took advantage of the situation for their own personal benefit and power is another story. About the Vatican, I wouldn't classify it exactly as dick sucking but it a much better description than in the Soviet example. Many people really believe so they are in a different category. What angers me are the people who participate and indoctrinate their children for "peace and quiet". The social (and institutional) pressure is very strong. On the bright side, if you don't bow down to the pressure, you will have święty spokój from your mother-in-law.