Monday, November 17, 2014

Patriotism po polsku

Are you in the mood for a little patriotism po polsku?
I don’t mean this kind….by Marta Frej.

I mean this kind…by Lizzie Lou.

Patriotism in the eyes of our 8-year-old daughter, represented by the Polish flag, two soldiers, and what I thought was the cat in the hat but turns out to be a kibic (sports fan).

Here’s a closer look.

And now the poem. I know it has got a few mistakes (which give it character), but when I read it the first time I laughed so hard, I cried. Enjoy!

Kiełbasa jest podstawą.


ds said...

kiełbasa! so lovely :)

Stardust said...

Don't laugh, there is no Poland withouth kielbasa.
Polska kielbasa stoi i tyle:)))

Izabelka said...

Brawo Lizzie!
Dobra kiełbasa nie jest zła.

Wojtek said...

Ten patriotyzm pokazany na 1 zdjęciu powinien być traktowany "ścieżką życia" przez policję. Jeśli nie będziesz wiedziała co to znaczy zapytaj się męża, on powinien wiedzieć. A co do następnych 3 zdjęć to aż przyjemnie się ogląda :) więcej takich zdjęć :P

Me said...

Childern are so levely, sincere and simple. They are the best.
There is somewhere in the house our dog's health book (książeczka), where my niece wrote long ago płeć/sex: żeniska and sierść/hair: krutki. Of course dog has her surname. There are plenty of such situations, memories which we recall often when we have an opportunity to meet.
Probably I still have my kartkówka/test from primary school. It was english lesson and one of the questions was to write an language's name next to country's name. Japan - ... (I wrote Japanian). It still makes me smile.

Healthy patriotism from your daughter. I like it very much.

AnetaCuse said...


Chris said...

It seems my daughter got her idea of what it means to be Polish from me, her American mom -hence all the food references in her poem. Despite a couple of writing mistakes, Lizzie was proud to report (actually embarrassed to report) that she got a 6 (A) for her poem and the teacher laughed out loud. And yesterday to celebrate we ate tomato soup with know, in honor of Poland.

PS- Me- As a child I had a dog named Elbow ;)

Anonymous said...


Agata said...


I thought it was Cat in the Hat at first too! :)

Iwona A. said...

Ha ha, kielbasa rules! That reminded me of my old saying "Kocham cie bardziej niz musztarde"... You know, kielbasa cannot be without musztarda :-)

Beer Guzzler said...

I did a double take whan I saw this.
Had a quick look in the archives and yes, your daughter's notebook and its layout is 100% identical to my zeszyt from... 1987. The same pointless "Lekcja - Temat", the same patriotic theme, even the same handwriting. I would literally have no problem believing this was a picture of one of my own magnum opuses from 30 years ago. Either Polish schools are stuck in a time warp, or I just discovered a glitch in the Matrix. :-O

Anyway, awesome poem by your daughter. Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone defined patriotism as a love for local food?

Chris said...

Welcome to the Matrix ;)

I learned about the Lesson/Subject thing when I taught for a year in a Polish school. I taught in the US too so I modified it a bit in Poland to be more similar to how I ran my lessons there. I gave the students objectives for the whole unit and for the lesson plus some questions to start the lesson. Some of these questions were from the previous lesson, some were to see what they already know, and some were teasers for the lesson - let's say to evoke curiosity. Polish students never complained about it. They liked writing in their American students, well that was another story.

Izabela said...

wiersz genialny!!!!
Schabowy i kiełbasa muszą być obowiązkowo.
A patriotyzm na ulicach zostawmy bez komentarzy!

Paddy said...

Świetny wiersz!!! Słodkie.

zutor said...

I'm sorry Chris, I thought of "siatka na zakupy" as our national sport. Good that soldiers are smiling. I laughed a lot!

Chris said...

Thanks all.

Siatka na zakupy and grzybying are the national sports :)