Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kefirek, my love.

I like kefir. Mmmm kefir with that lovely, zingy, slightly sour taste. It's refreshing and if you choose the plain one (the only kind I drink), it's a relatively low fat, low calorie protein boost. 

And apparently it's good for a hangover according to Misiu.

Misiu is the one who introduced me to kefir, not for a hangover, for breakfast. Well, I am sure I didn't have a hangover at least. We were traveling, and we needed a quick, convenient, and cheap morning meal. Kefir and a roll. Easy peasy.

I still occasionally drink kefir for breakfast on the go. I also add it to recipes calling for milk or yogurt. Sometimes I use kefir to make a smoothie for myself and the kids.

Kefir is not completely unknown in the United States. It can be found in large cities and in specialty shops. I suspect the demand is fueled firstly by immigrants and secondly by health nuts. Kefir cannot be found in small town grocery stores in America as Misiu discovered as he stood with a huge hangover at the dairy counter in the grocery store in my hometown. He searched the shelves in desperation and then asked, "What is 'kefir' in English?" Kefir is kefir but that didn't help in locating it on the shelf. He decided to go for the buttermilk hoping it was the same as Polish maślanka, vowing to never drink again. American maślanka isn't exactly the same and the vow to never drink again, well, let's just say we have free access to Polish kefir now.

Na zdrowie.

Here's what the press has had to say about kefir lately:,amerykanie-odkryli-kefir-tylko-nikt-nie-wie-jak-wymowic-jego-nazwe


Zycie Koloru Pelne said...

My husband swears by kefir for any belly issues and good health. He recommends it to all his friends. I think drinking kefir is much more popular in Poland than here in Canada, but my hubby spreads the word on its goodness nevertheless. :)
Love reading your blog!

czarownica said...

Did you know it contains about 1% of alcohol?
5 kefirkow = 1 beer ;)

Stardust said...

I remember the time when to buy kefir I had to go to either Greenpoint or Brighton Beach. As of probably last 5-6 years is in every food store in my neighborhood, except the small tiny Mom and Pop grocery stores.

Chris said...

So let's all spread the natural wonder of kefir ;) I had no idea that it contained alcohol!!!

slawekk said...

I remember Lifeway kefir from my last months in the US in 2009. Somehow it was helping with my sinus problems - just an observation, no idea how and why. I have not found any kefir sold in Poland that would work that way.

I am waiting for serwowit to come back and get discovered in the US. Someone will make o fortune on it one day.

Chris said...

slawekk - Let it be us!!!!

Tutaj znalazlam przepis About 20 easy steps and there you go ;)

PS - Are you still blogging?

slawekk said...

Once you get the whey it is indeed easy. How to get whey though? Even if there is a diary nearby, I don't think you can just walk in and ask for some. Besides, I am not sure if I would trust whey obtained this way. It is considered a byproduct not for consumption and is treated as such. I would not be sure it is not mixed with something, like detergent.
I can make whey by myself by making cottage cheese. But then what to do with the cheese? Cheese made with homogenized milk is not as tasty as store-bought twaróg, I would have to eat it all by myself. Maybe I will try one day just for serwowit.

> Are you still blogging?
I post sometimes on my Formalized Mathematics blog. I am planning a post on measuring air quality in the small town near Wrocław where I live that might interest you.

Chris said...

Well, my neighbor has a cow... You can drink the serwowit and I will eat the cheese :)

Your post about measuring the air quality does interest me. Are we still in the same terrain? Send me the link when it's posted :)

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