Saturday, February 7, 2015


I am an atheist. In the popular nomenclature I am referred to as a non-believer.

I really don't like that name, non-believer. I believe in things, lots of things. 

I have also been pitied and prayed for because of my "empty life". As I look around the room at my little family this Saturday morning, my life could not feel any fuller.

I believe in love.
I believe in the family unit.
I believe that vaccines work.
I believe in real food.
I believe you were born that way.
I believe in myself, except on the days I don't.
I believe in making the world a better place.
I believe in re-using and recycling.
I believe in cleaning your plate.
I don't believe in karma.
I don't believe everything happens for a reason.
I don't believe everything people say, anymore.
I don't believe the hype.
I don't believe in big pharma.
I don't believe in soul mates.
I don't believe in god.
I don't believe in the power of prayer.
I don't believe the conspiracy theories, except the ones that I do.
I don't believe that drafts make you sick.
I don't believe that might makes right.

The list goes on. What do you believe in?


czarownica said...

I believe we all have the same tummies. But different brains.
I believe majority of humans are stupid, selfish, lazy and lack humility.
I believe the top masters have this extra skill one cannot learn.
I believe in gentics more than in upbringing.
I believe in being good enough instead of perfect.
I believe in Evidence Based Medicine.
I believe in the power of love.
I believe in luck and chance.

I don't believe in conspiracy theories, the world government, Brooklinska Rade Zydow and aliens.
I don't believe in childhood trauma which can't be overcome.
I don't believe in force majeure.
I don't believe in liberte, equalite, fraternite.
I don't believe mainstream media.
I don't believe one can control the crowd really.
I don't believe in magic.

Chris said...

Czar - "Good enough" is my life motto 😊😘

ds said...

I believe people CAN make this world a better place. some people. like you :)

Chris said...

Oh ds thank you. That's very sweet.

Justyna Lomot said...

I'm a beliver. Practicing Catholic. and I believe in Karma :)

Chris said...

Justyna is also a believer in 3D judging from her picture ;)

Anonymous said...

I belive that even thoug universe is cold, huge place and whatever i'll do would be small and meaningless in a scale - it doesn't mean i shouldn't be happy and make others happy.
I belive in accidents - things can happen with no reason.
I belive in semi-optymism - see the world as it is, look at your chances, that try to do the best.
I belive that "good" and "evil" are things which are not universal and there is mostly grey.
I belive sometimes books are better companions than people.


Justyna Lomot said...

hahahaha, Chris, that too!