Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yay me!

IX15 - Top 100 International Exchange and Experience Blogs 2015

Apparently there is some blog competition and Kielbasa Stories made it into the top 100. I don't know how many blogs participated so I am not sure if I should be excited or not. It's like when my friend started bodybuilding and came in 6th at her first competition. I thought 6th place was awesome for her first time out. She came in 6th out of 6 ;)

 I suspect the whole thing is some kind of advertisement for something, but anyhow, yay me!


ds said...

Brawo! it looks nice and the other blogs are interesting, and you deserve this (well you deserve to be the number 1 of course)

Chris said...

ds - Thank you very much. Maybe if KS is nominated next year, I'll pay more attention. Now, we are only paying attention to the flu which is sweeping through our family :(

czarownica said...