Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beer is not a good chaser for vodka

We picked up a hitchhiker today. Not really do-goodery on our part, just room in the car. We would pick people up more often, but we're usually full up with the kids. Before the kids came along, we used to take college students back home from the city pretty regularly. This time we were heading from our house in the village to pick up the kids from a local day camp. It's not more than 10 km, if even that. The bus goes through here rarely though, and it was extremely hot today. Have a heart - we had to pick the guy up. After some pleasantries, he asked to be delivered to the main square if we could, but quickly decided that the local swimming hole would be better. He looked to be about 20, possibly a student home for the summer.

The usual hitchhiking protocol involves some kind of conversation, but since the trip was so short I couldn't really think of anything to say. Turned out I didn't have to as our passenger explained his predicament (but not before asking for a cigarette and expressing his disappointment that we don't smoke). 

You see, the police dropped me off there on the road. I got arrested, and they dropped me there and told me to walk home. They said if they see me back in town today, they're gonna lock me up, so I kind of want to check if it's true. 

Well, that's pretty clear. 

We dropped our little criminal off and picked up the girls. After lunch we too decided that the watering hole was a good idea to beat the heat. And who did we see there? Our hitchhiker with a group of friends drinking vodka with beer chaser and generally horsing around. As we were leaving, the police pulled in. We were on our way out which is a pity because I kind of wanted to check if it was true too.

P.S. I couldn't think of a title and "Hitchhiking" seemed too lame.


Marek Cyzio said...

Only in Poland ;)

Chris said...

Not in Florida? It's hot down there 😆 We've got ourselves some Florida-style heat these last couple of weeks.