Friday, August 14, 2015

Instagram and Kielbasa Stories

Kielbasa Stories can now be found on Instagram. 


Because I have so much love to share!



Kasia said...

I think I have mentioned before that I love Mis Uszatek. This thing looks nothing like him!! I bought Mis Uszatek dvds for my son when he was younger, but he did not like them.
Uszatek is so well behaved, kind, etc, etc.

Chris said...

This is the first Uszatek figure based on the illustration from the original book. I snapped this picture in Łódź at the SeMaFor animation museum. We have a DVD with the original episode of Miś Uszatek using this figure. It's kind of psychedelic with Miś flying around in a snowy haze with his red umbrella. It explains that Uszatek was a toy who freed himself from the toy store. There isn't a story and moral as in the subsequent episodes. And a different ear is stuck! I love Uszatek and fortunately my girls do too. Yes, Uszatek is so well behaved and kind and each episode has a positive message. I think we'll pop in a DVD when the girls wake up! Greetings to you Kasia, fellow Miś Uszatek lover.

P.S. I kind of always wanted a kołdra such as Uszatek has...and pajamas too.

Kasia said...

I never knew about the original episode. Weird!! The pajamas were classic, I don't remember what the koldra looked like:) For some reason I just remembered an episode with a Polski fiat 126p that they damaged. I think it was Prosiaczek's fault. No clue why I thought of this:):)