Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Teeth!

As I was working in my garden last week a neighbor lady who hasn't spoken to me for about 6 years due to a dispute on our street and the fact that her husband is a sexual deviant, came to the fence to radzić. She wanted some advice about a building project, and I guess I am the expert on our street. Before I could answer her question she shouted out, "Chyba Pani wstawiała sobie zęby!" Yes, she asked if I had got false teeth as I swiftly noticed that she had a new set of false teeth. I assured her that these teeth were my own, in the sense that they grow out of my head not in the sense that I have paid my last installment for them. Her response? "Amazing!" 

Your teeth, false teeth, no teeth? Keep smiling!


Iwona A. said...

Ha ha ha! I bet your smile is wonderful because I have never met an American with brzydkie zęby :-)
But the conversation... What a change of subject, lol!

Chris said...

Hi Iwona A. :) I think I must have nice teeth because while giving birth the Polish midwife looked up from between my legs to compliment my smile and ask me about my toothpaste. Talk about changing subjects!

Marco said...

Sometimes neighbors can be a hassle to deal with. I'm glad you guys don’t have any hard feelings anymore. That is a funny story. That is a great compliment. I think having great teeth is an amazing thing. I try to keep my teeth in great shape so I don't have to get false teeth. Keep smiling!