Monday, May 2, 2011

Breżniew is always right

Misiu, a kid at heart, loves to play games with our girls. That works out well because the kids love to play with him too. Misiu’s latest favorite game in entitled “Breżniew is always right”.

Would you like to play?

Misiu: We are playing “Breżniew is always right” and I am Breżniew.

Lizzie: (always agreeable) OK.

Misiu as Breżniew: Pick a number.

Lizzie: 5

Misiu: 6. I win! Pick a number.

Lizzie: 8

Misiu: 9. I win! Pick a number.

Lizzie: (thinking intently the highest number she knows) 17!

Misiu: 18! I win. Breżniew is always right.

Lizzie then tried out the game on me.

Lizzie: Mommy, I am Breżniew. (not a sentence I thought I would ever hear from my daughter)

Me: OK.

Lizzie: (nothing)

Me: Pick a number.

Lizzie: 11

Me: 12! I win!

Lizzie: But Mommy, I am Breżniew and Breżniew is always right.

Misiu to Lizzie: Tell Mommy to be careful. She doesn’t want to find out what happens to people who outsmart Breżniew.



MarekFloryda said...

50 years ago, you guys would be in prison for that :)

Stardust said...

Who would ever know or dream about american woman living in Poland and playing Brezniew game with her daugthers:))))

Chris said...

Marek - ...or worse!

Stardust - Who would ever know or dream about an American woman living in Poland and cooking pierogi from a YouTube tutorial ;)

Stardust said...

You got me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Years ago a joke along the same lines was told in a train car somewhere in the Soviet Union. Everyone laughed their ass off, and then one of the travelers said: Comrades I have another joke for you. Do you know who built the Belomor Kanal? The right bank was built by those telling political jokes, and the left bank was built by those listening to them. I'm Commisar Berman...

Chris said...

Anon - That's a good one :)