Friday, May 27, 2011

Communist Bastards

What a nice Mother’s Day I had. I received adorable wishes, cards and flowers from my girls (which was great) and information that Rosie did not pass through the first stage of pre-school recruitment (not so great).

We will take part in stage 2 of recruitment which means we put Rosie on the waiting list and hope that somebody drops out. Rosie, along with more than a thousand other 3-year-olds, didn’t get in so her chances of getting in are pretty slim.

I am not angry that I will have to pay for a nanny. I am not angry that I will have to enroll Rosie in a private pre-school which is well below the standard of Lizzie’s public pre-school. I am not angry that I will have to drop off my children to 2 completely different locations each morning and pick them up the same in the afternoon. No, I am angry at the educational opportunity for Rosie which is lost. I am angry that I will have to explain to Rosie why she cannot go to pre-school with her sister, why she cannot play in the playground with her sister, why she cannot go to the same lessons that her sister attends. That makes me furious.

Thank you commie bastards and your super duper polityka prorodzinna.


Kasia said...

I am sorry Chris! Is this one of those deals where she was not accepted because you make "too much" money?

MarekFloryda said...

Commie? I am not sure how to read your post? Are the communists guilty of giving Lizzie a cheap pre-school and that's why you are mad at them? As if there was a capitalism in Poland, you would have to pick a private pre-school for both of your kids and that would make it easy to pick one instead of two? I am lost...

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is simply too many kids, too few places.

It is based on a previous post in which I explain how Misiu's catch phrase is "communist bastards". Commie bastards are the people responsible for everything bad which happens.

Marek, Lizzie's pre-school is subsidized but we still pay - for attendance, for food, for the activity fund, for drinking water, for books, for art supplies, for playground equipment (now we are collecting for a swing set), for English, for tennis, for art, etc. Religion is free. For us it is relatively cheap but for some, it is still out of reach.

For 3-year-olds the cost of private and public pre-school is practically the same.


MarekFloryda said...

Too many kids, too few places - doesn't it sound like a great idea for a new business?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and those businesses are booming all around us.

I still prefer the public school and not because of the money (the costs are similar). The schools are monitored under the ministry of education and the privates are not. I mean they have to fulfill safety standards and all that but education wise, they have no requirements (that's what I was told at one local private school).

Anyhow, I still want my Rosie and Lizzie to go to school together, sniffle, sniffle.

And blogger is having some problems so that's why I am still anonymous.