Monday, February 27, 2012

As Seen In Poland: Chuck Norris

Here’s Bank Zachodni WBK’s latest ad campaign featuring the one and only Chuck Norris. I haven’t seen the TV spot yet and am waiting…


BTW, my teenage student told me that Chuck Norris didn’t come to Poland to make these ads.

Poland came to Chuck Norris.

:) I couldn’t resist!


Prezentuje Prezenty said...

no wonder you could not resist, the joke is brilliant! I must remember to relay it to my husband tonight - he loves Chuck Norris jokes!

Zuzia said...

Hi Chris, I like the way you write and I'm looking for an American to proofread some translations. Would you mind contacting me at zuzia(at) (please replace 'at with @) if you're interested? Thanks!

Hanna said...

Haha, great joke to start the day!
Thanks !

Kasia said...

Is he still popular in Poland? When I moved to TX 15+ years ago, my cousin's young son was jealous because he thought that for sure I would meet Chuck Norris here:)

Chris said...

Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris jokes are still going strong over here in Poland. Teenagers are the best Chuck Norris experts.

I finally saw the TV spot. I was disappointed by the lack of round-house kicks. C'mon, you see Chuck Norris, you think round-house kicks. I thought for sure C.N. would round-house interest rates or at least the competition.

Maybe there'll be a follow up spot?

Chris said...

Zuzia - I sent you a message :)

papageno said...,chuck,norris,potrafi,zatrzyma%C4%87,autobus,swoim,zdj%C4%99ciem..html


papageno said...

I don't really know why Blogger didn't make that a valid html link, but anyway - take a look.

Normally, it takes Superman to do this. Chuck Norris needs his photo only :)

princeska said...

Phew! Finished!
Just finished reading the whole blog and I can tell you - that's a hell of a blog!! ;P Love it, and love your sense of humour! Big hugs and kisses from Anna, who moved to Scotland and survived, despite having a Scottish boyfriend who can't speak or write English and asks me how to spell things LOL.

Chris said...

papageno - I'm starting to think that only Superman, Chuck Norris and maybe Putin can do this :)

princeska - Welcome! Wow, you've read the whole blog. So you can be in charge of telling me when I start repeating myself because sometimes I can't remember if I have written something or not. I am glad that you like it and I hope you and your boyfriend got a chuckle or two out of it :)

princeska said...

I haven't noticed you repeating yourself, yet! LOL.
I had load of chuckles, my boyfriend didn't, just because he "doesn't do reading" #muppet :D

jokesfb said...

Great Funny pictures of Chuck Norris , Thanks so much for this wonderful collection