Thursday, December 20, 2012

A very merry and rustic Christmas czyli Christmas Unplugged

We are going to be spending a very merry and rustic Christmas. What’s that mean exactly? No cell phone coverage (unless you stand in the field and hold the phone up to the heavens) and no internet either. Add to that no satellite TV and we're probably going to get really fat this Christmas.
Just how fat?
There will be a full report after the new year.
Merry Christmas!


princeska said...

Or maybe beacuse of this whole "rusticism" (?) you will create new Lizzie/Rosie? ;) LOL
Have a good Christmas, enjoy your time with your family :) x

czarownica said...

Exactly - I'm the effect of a certain New Year's Eve night, when the ball came to a sudden end due to guests brawling and then electricity cut off.
So parents were home early, no light there... I was born end of the next September.
Beware, but enjoy :)

Ziar said...

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