Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I will pray for you

Recently I was asked how I felt when someone says, “I will pray for you”. Well, I have to say it all depends on the situation.

I know some non-believers are very sensitive to this issue. Some say offers of prayer to an atheist are passive aggressive, while others liken it to being given the middle finger. I don’t feel like that. When somebody who knows and cares about me and knows I am having a tough time tells me that they will pray for me, I know it is their way of telling me that I am in their thoughts. I like it. It is nice to be thought about.

However, more often than not when people tell me they want to pray for me, it has absolutely nothing to do with sending good vibrations my way. It usually occurs about 5 seconds after finding out I'm an atheist. It has more to do with protecting my soul from eternal damnation for my atheist ways. Then I’m not so happy about it. I keep my cool though. I don’t want to offend anyone’s religious sensibilities. For some reason those same people often think that my sensibilities cannot be offended.

So, back to my recent conversation and how I really feel inside when somebody wants to pray for me. I guess I feel indifferent. I mean how would you feel if a Voodoo shaman offered to slaughter a chicken and dig through its insides for you. Would that have any meaning to you? No? Ridiculous, right? I mean that Voodoo religion isn’t any less made-up than yours if you have one.

Voodoo follower in prayer. Check out the rest of the intriguing photos here.
Several times a day, light casts down from an opening at the highest point of the grotto ceiling. During these times, many Vodouisants can be found making their requests to the Loa/Iwa. It was that same light that the Taino Indians in that region centered many of their rituals around.

Jesus vs. Doctor Who

And for Thanksgiving, an atheist prayer.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ven said...

Ja usłyszałam to raz, od mojej mamy i było to na tyle dziwne, że do dzisiaj właściwie nie wiem jakie uczucia to we mnie wzbudziło. Chyba niestety raczej te negatywne, ale podoba mi się Twój tok rozumowania, sama jestem ateistką ale nie lubię tych wojujących niewierzących :)

Chris said...

Witam. Dzięki za mile słowa. Czasem jestem wojującą niewierzącą - wtedy kiedy chodzi o dzieci.

Stardust said...

Generally I have no problem with other people praying. And if they think they have no other reason to pray then me or my life, that's their problem not mine.
As long as they don't want me to participate in praying activity, I'm fine.

Chris said...

Star- Pray for my turkey. It's in the oven :)

Stardust said...

I think I'll keep your turkey in my warmest thoughts:))

Finding-Place said...

So, I was just checking out blogs about Poland and came across yours. I randomly clicked on a date in the archives and this blog post popped up. Oh, how I love it! As an atheist myself, I agree with what you wrote about the meaning of the phrase "I will pray for you," depending on who's saying it. Nicely done.

Chris said...

Finding-Place - Thanks for the compliment :)