Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why I need an SUV

In defense of my SUV, well, my little SUV, my SUV-ek:

Exhibit A

The road in front of my apartment building



Exhibit B

My road to work

02222010(001) 02222010(002)

And now that Spring is upon us, the potholes have sprung up to greet us as well…. And the Gold Medal goes to Chris for her amazing Pothole Slalom…

That’s what it means to live in a country that has less money to spend on infrastructure than the previous country where you lived before. It means that there are fewer miles of highway, fewer good roads, more potholes, more traffic jams, more time lost sitting in your car, more trips to the mechanic to fix your car on the day you didn’t get a gold medal in the pothole slalom, but on the day you and your car disappeared into the pothole and you were disqualified from competition. At least we have health insurance ;)

On an optimistic note, near my apartment in the City the road workers were repairing a pothole…wait for it…wait for it…AT NIGHT!!!! Only Polish people or those who have lived in Poland for any amount of time can appreciate the true miraculousness of that occurrence. Aaaaaaa-mennnn.

On another optimistic note, our house it thawing out…Image010Image011Image013… and deer have visited our garden through the gaping hole in our fence. The rest of the fence is staying up through sheer will power alone. All the news can’t be good news ;)


AnetaCuse said...

I love the pics! Is it a dirt road?

We also have a lot of potholes in Syracuse, except they get repaired during the day, if at all. We call it "Syracuse orange," which is a pun. Syracuse Orange is a sports team of Syracuse University, and Syracuse is orange in the summer from the abundance of freakin' orange cones.

Tabdel said...

So far so good;-)

Liz said...

Well, an update from PA our roads are in horrible condition. No work done at all.
Just to make you feel better.

Chris said...

Thanks! I do feel better. Misery loves company.

And yes, Aneta, it is a dirt road but it is a city road not a privately owned road.

Kasia said...

Sounds like home :) Well, it's not much better in Scotland I have to say. First of all, winter this year was somewhat surprising and snow ploughs did not get everywhere. And secondly road works are what gets me to stress level eleven here. Road works everywhere. We are currently blessed with tramworks in Edinburgh - worst parts is over I think, luckily.

Liz said...

And it's snowing again...............
Last Thursday my snow meter showed a message:
Too much, last Friday: way too much.
Today: You've got to be kidding me.

Chris said...

Thanks for bringing me back to reality. I'd almost succumbed to the morning talk radio version of reality - that the roads in Poland are the worst in the civilized world and that only in Poland the city snow crew and repair men are each year surprised by winter.

małgośka said...

Latest joke:
How recognize sober drivers on the road?
By slalom driving.

doro said...

Nice adventure, like a swamp horror ;P

Gosia said...

But spring is just around the corner :)

Chris said...

Let's hope. I've had enough.

Bring on the Spring!