Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween in Poland Review

Halloween po polsku – Our 1st Halloween party in Poland with kids
Our Halloween in Poland – The Positives and The Negatives – My first contact with the negatives of Halloween
Halloween is around the corner… Preparing for Halloween
We are lucky ducks! A fantastic surprise from our favorite Polish Housewife
Halloween 2011 A rocking Halloween party and one of our best
How does Poland celebrate Halloween? Only I thought this funny
With all due respect, Bishops of Poland,… Where I learned that Halloween opens the door to satanism, in case you didn’t know.
A white Halloween My first snowy Halloween and our first Halloween in the village
And Halloween 2013 may just be called The Halloween that wasn’t. We haven’t planned our usual party and this year will probably be more of a chill-out than a blow-out. We’ll see.
Have a good one!

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Kasia said...

I have to "catch up" with your posts, but when I saw yet another article in Gazeta about the bishops making comments about Halloween, I thought of you:) I just wish they would finally shut up, and stop their nonsense. Self centered Narcissuses (is this the correct plural??) who refuse to see their own wrongdoing and try to turn the attention away from their own huge problems!!! It makes me sooo mad!!!