Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Puddle-splashing Protocol – Protokół postępowania po ochlapaniu kogoś

What is the proper Polish protocol after accidentally splashing a pedestrian as you drive by? By the reaction I got, I suspect my protocol was not the norm.

Jaki jest właściwy protokół postępowania  w Polsce po przypadkowym ochlapaniu pieszego podczas jazdy samochodem? Po tym jaką reakcję otrzymałam - podejrzewam, że moje postępowanie nie było normą.


Stardust said...

My metod could be somehow old;) but I think you should give victim "a look" and yell
"kurwa!!! gdzie stoisz lamago? nie widzisz, ze jade?" What did you do?

Chris said...

When it was safe, I stopped, got out of the car and walked back to the lady. I apologized sincerely and informed her that it was unavoidable because the mud puddle was not visible from a distance (and was small but very deep) and by the time I saw it I could not do anything due to other cars, etc. I offered her as consolation a ride (she declined) and information that I too have been on the receiving end of a puddle or two. She accepted my apology despite her ruined white linen trousers and I went on my way.

She seemed shocked that I would stop (as were other drivers) and yes, qurwa, she was walking in a place that maybe she shouldn't have.

Zuzanka said...

Never ever the driver had stopped or even nodded that s/he is sorry. Just passing by.

Anonymous said...

Well I'd say usual procedure in Poland is just drive away...
(it was me, Rinonka)

Chris said...

I suspect some drivers that just drive away are unaware that they have splashed someone or cannot safely stop their car. Others cannot imagine what they should say and the rest just don't care.

For a split second, I thought about just driving away but when I looked in the mirror and saw that the lady said, "O nie!" instead of "O qurwa" (which is what I would have said) I decided to stop because I was able to.

For the record, nobody stopped when they splashed me :( Both happened in Poland so it seems that the Polish protocol is to drive away ;) Misiu says there isn't American protocol because we don't have puddles and we don't walk anywhere ;)

Stardust said...

Well, I don't know when Misiu visited US last time;) but we DO have puddles, we just don't walk:))) specially on a rainy day.
My american husband just said, he would offer money for a dry cleaning in case of a big damage on white linen pants.

Chris said...

Maybe I should have. Your hubby is nice :)

Stardust said...

Chris, I think you have done more then anybody expected. My hubby is super nice, I have no clue how did he end up with me:))))

Anonymous said...

Stardust's hubby is a lovely guy indeed !
I got splashed in Scotland which wasn't difficult because of the weather here and because I like walking. However yes, I am aware that drivers quite often aren't able to notice the damage and can't stop safely if they do notice it.
You are a lovely lass too, Chris, with all that apologising.
One thing is quite disturbing for me : my parents ( they passed away years ago ), my favourite teachers etc. never said 'o,kurwa' in similar circumstances. They just didn't belong to this tribe I guess. I miss them. I feel lonely sometimes among all those 'o,kurwa' people. In Scotland feel a bit better : most 'o,kurwa' people stay in Poland and I pretend I am not Polish when I hear 'o,kurwa' here.
Has the lady said : 'O, nie !' ? Hmm... white linen trousers... dainty 'O, nie !'... must be a lovely lass too !
It was me, Zofia.

Chris said...

One of my students says "o, kurteczka"!

It reminds of the grammar exercise (present perfect) "Oh bother! Someone (stole/has stolen my car!" It should be "has stolen" but somehow "oh bother" does not properly express the depth of emotion one must feel when one's car is stolen ;)

Thank you for your positive opinion of me :) and it serves to remind to clean up my language (esp with little ears around).