Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Questions? Pytania?

Are pampuchy and kluski na parze the same thing?

What’s the singular of pampuchy?

pampuch? pampucha?

And why do my leniwe pierogi require 4 times more flour than the recipe?

Czy pampuchy i kluski na parze to to samo?

Jaka jest liczba pojedyncza?

pampuch? pampucha?

I dlaczego moje leniwe pierogi wymagają 4 razy więcej mąki niż w przepisie?


zuzamoll said...

...konkurs specjalnie dla Ciebie:),107781,8224162,Skromne_jak_dzieciatko.html
...obcokrajowcy tłumnie:) biora udzial!

ucieczka said...

As for pampuchy and kluski na parze I can't say the difference as I never eaten any. And for my favourite leniwe - it is always about the cheese - the more fat in it or the more 'wet' it is, the more flour you need. Delicious ;)

Chris said...

zuzamoll- It is so hard to narrow it down to one favorite word! I'm working on it. Thanks for the link :)

ucieczka- Good info about the cheese because I always choose the highest fat content which would explain the flour. Even with all the flour, they are still delicious :)

Monika said...
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Monika said...

Yes, pampuchy and kluski na parze are the same thing :) I think it's just called different in different parts of Poland. It goes well with stew (gulasz) or just dark sauce but also taste great with cukier puder. And the singular of pampuchy is pampuch

Stardust said...

Wow!!! You became a real good polish housewife:)) I don't even cook such time consuming dishes:)))

Zuzanka said...

Chris, you are great. I love my Wielkopolan husband, but if he wants pampuchy or leniwe, I go to Piotr i Pawel and buy them already made ;-)

Zuzanka said...

I'll go, ofc.

Chris said...

Not to knock myself off of the pedestal, but I buy pampuchy too. Sorry Stardust. Sorry Zuzanka. :)

Leniwe, however, I make myself and despite the name "lazy" pierogi they are not that easy to make.

BTW My kids asked my the singular of pampuchy and now we know! Thanks Monika :)