Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Samochód się zrypał – My Car Died

Samochód się zrypał. Nie, nie nasz Jeep. Nasz Jeep jest u mechanika i czeka na następną wizytę agenta z firmy ubezpieczeniowej. Nie, tym razem nasz mały samochód się zrypał i czeka na lawetę do mechanika. A Chris zaraz będzie mieć bliskie spotkanie z miejską komunikacją. Boże, proszę żeby tylko nie padał śnieg.

My car died. No, not the Jeep. The Jeep is at the mechanic waiting for the insurance agent to come again for the next visit. No, the “little” car died and is waiting to be towed to the mechanic. Chris is about to get up close and personal with the City’s public transportation system. Gawd, I hope it doesn’t snow.


Paddy said...

It snowed!

MarekFloryda said...

So did the car get fixed?

Chris said...

Paddy - First, it rained...then it snowed...then it rained and snowed all on my first day of public transport.

Marek- The Jeep is fixed (and we are driving it) all except for one part missed by the insurance agent who is due to come for the second visit on Monday - fingers crossed. The "little" car is still in the shop but we are managing quite well without it.

You Floridians don't have to worry about standing in the snow at the bus stop, do you?

MarekFloryda said...

Hmm, public transportation must be a cold loving animal as it never settled here. Yes, we have something called "Space Coast Area Transit" that runs a few bus routes, but the closest bus stop is about 10 miles away from my house. So no, I never attempted to use it. And no, no snow :) Maybe in a fridge. Today is 76F, bright sun and no public transportation in sight :)

Chris said...

Marek - You lucky duck :)